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"I know Thomas personally and can warmly recommend him. I don't know anyone in the German-speaking world who works at such a high level! Normally, media and oracles at this level are mainly found in English-speaking countries."(CK from Riehen)"You seem very serious to me and not "aloof", which I find totally positive."(AS from Dornach/SO)

Trance Mediumship/Trance Healing:

"Every single statement made sense and was understandable."(PP from Birsfelden/BL)"The insights I was granted during the session into the spiritual world will help me throughout my life. I am deeply grateful for that."(AS from St. Gallen/SG)"It is wonderful to be able to experience such a good trance session with you. I can only recommend you."(FS from Sarnen/OW) "The ringing in the ear is completely gone now."(MK from Büsserach/SO)"But what I enjoy the most is the knee, at the moment it almost feels as if it had never been operated on."(PM from Laufen/BL)

Lifemastery/Neo Shamanic Healing:

"I wanted to tell you again that the anorexia that has plagued me for years has almost completely left me since the shamanic cycle. It's just a memory now and I choose not to with it with ease, it's a small miracle ."(VW from Germany)"I have had wonderful experiences with Thomas. He knows his trade and knows what he is doing."(JS from Germany)"His in-depth knowledge, his knowledge of a wide variety of techniques, his positive, upbeat manner and above all the wonderful cooperation with his spiritual team made every session a special event."(UM from Ziefen/BL)


"I am only focused on myself. It is really thanks to your help and guidance that I was able to go back there. Forever grateful."(SB from CAN-Quebec)

Distant Healing:

"I'm allowed to see more light now and that's good. I'll accept everything that's coming my way and I'm looking forward to a new, beautiful future."(C. from the canton of Zurich/ZH)"Her pain subsided from the 1st day of distant healing and the effects are still lasting."(AS from St. Gallen/SG)"My main pain was completely gone after 2-3 days, just wonderful - thank you!"(HE from Austria)

The Essentials:

"Now I'm so happy to have found you. Your classes are just what I've been looking for for years."(SM from SWE-Sundbyberg)"I am so glad that you met me as a teacher. I trust my perceptions more and more."(KAL from Germany)


"Your teaching was really excellent and great; it gave me the breakthrough to learn mediumship and healing. I am very grateful to you."(HM from JPN-Tokyo)

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