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During the trance, the medium's consciousness recedes into the background so that the spirit world can speak, heal, etc. directly. You will receive direct assistance and answers to your questions in 1:1 communication with the spirit world. Healing energy can flow to improve your mental and physical health. I'm in a deep trance state, which means that I can't remember any session content afterwards because my consciousness is "sleeping". All assistance, healing energies and answers that you receive serve your best, never manipulate and are always in accordance with your soul plan.


This recording shows me in a deep trance state. Through transfiguration, spirit guides and the deceased can be energetically depicted on the face and head of the medium. The picture shows a grey-blue mustache and beard and a different head shape than mine. It shows my trance control Caius, the spokesman for the "Guardian Alliance".

session costs:
40 minutes = CHF 280.00 (subsequently charged pro rata)

Session languages:

German and English possible

Record the session:
Possible on request 

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